Drinking When Bored? What It Could Mean Addiction Treatment

If your boredom drinking has become unmanageable or is causing an addiction, seek professional help right away. Take control of your sobriety and break away from boredom today. By exploring new activities and connecting with others in recovery, you can break away from boredom and enjoy a meaningful and fulfilling sober life. This means you may experience feelings of boredom, apathy, and low motivation for some time in early sobriety. It’s important to remember that boredom is a normal part of recovery, and with the right coping strategies in place, you can get through it without resorting to drinking or using drugs. OnceOnce, I could be bored shitless and I’ll walk around the block, and it’s gone.

  • However, because it’s so common, we can fail to recognize the importance of addressing it.
  • Not on its own, but maybe it starts a conversation and a friend comes over just to sit with you and make sure you’re good.
  • That latter experience feeling like everything is gray and dull and lacks meaning?
  • In active addiction, drug and alcohol use becomes the focus of everything you do, so when those activities suddenly cease, it can leave a feeling of emptiness and boredom.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some fun and simple ways to keep yourself occupied without having to rely on booze as entertainment. The start of a new year is a time for making changes and resolutions to drinking out of boredom improve your health and wellbeing. We look at some of the best tips that science has to offer. Dean recommends having fun making festive alcohol-free cocktails and getting your friends and family involved.

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And while these things might sound serious and scary, it’s important to note that it’s one piece of a larger puzzle. Getting drunk did not magically change the dynamics of that situation. We were all just sitting around and getting drunk, perfectly content to not really do anything together. When I drank alcohol, I could (and did) sit and do nothing for hours.

It’s really common to attribute all ennui in sobriety to missing booze and thinking that the main way you (and everyone else) enjoy yourself is by getting wasted. The Beta Site is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis and we make no warranty to you of any kind, express or implied. Neil Allcote raises £5,500 for mental health charity Isle Listen by trekking around the Isle of Man. Without drinking, she says she’s a more attentive friend but she admits it’s a bit harder to find your feet on the dancefloor. «I was really, really nervous when I first went sober that I’m going to be so boring,» says Kali. And even having a drink in a Champagne flute or wine glass can go a long way to making an alcohol-free alternative feel more Christmassy.

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We’ve also partnered with Moderation Management, a non-profit dedicated to reducing the harm caused by the misuse of alcohol. The reality is there are other, healthier ways both to celebrate that milestone https://ecosoberhouse.com/ and deal with the boredom trigger. Say you have downtime on a Saturday afternoon after a challenging week at work. “Getting through the week” might be your rationale for pouring a glass of wine.

  • All these tips are here to help you prevent drinking out of boredom.
  • If you’ve created an entire social life around drinking, it is natural to be afraid of life without it.
  • It is very common for people to replace alcohol with sugar in the beginning, which is detrimental not only to your waistline and physical health but your mental well-being as well.
  • This could include changing your daily routine, developing new hobbies, or getting involved with sober activities.
  • If you find yourself bored without alcohol or drinking simply because you’re bored, you might be developing an unhealthy relationship with alcohol.

Sometimes boredom in sobriety looks like not wanting to be around anyone. Let’s address another reason life without alcohol feels boring. If you’ve created an entire social life around drinking, it is natural to be afraid of life without it. This subreddit is a place to motivate each other to control or stop drinking. We welcome anyone who wishes to join in by asking for support, sharing our experiences and stories, or just encouraging someone who is trying to quit.

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While it can be tempting to revert to old, dishonest tendencies, leading with honesty will promote a successful recovery. Volunteering and participating in community events can help you stay engaged, build meaningful connections, and reduce boredom drinking. By volunteering at organizations that help people struggling with addiction, you can provide a meaningful sense of purpose and fulfillment, which can replace the fleeting pleasure of boredom drinking. Connecting with a support group can also help you build meaningful relationships with people who understand and can support you in your recovery journey.

The influencer was worried she would struggle to avoid booze but is actually feeling «totally fine». Latest figures from the NHS suggest a third of people under 25 have not drunk alcohol for at least a year. But more and more people are shunning booze by cutting down or opting to go sober. For lots of us, alcohol is a big part of Christmas Day, not to mention New Year’s Eve. I certainly would have if I’d read this article five years ago. This is the part where you figure out how to enjoy life without a little something extra to help loosen you up.

Reducing alcohol intake may produce withdrawal symptoms such as sweating,
shivering, high blood pressure, vomiting, fatigue, etc. Psychological
symptoms like anxiety, restlessness, &


outbursts, or irritability can be seen as an after-effect. If these
problems persist, professional help may be needed.

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